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It angers me so much when ignorant people judge self harmers based on the degree of which they harm themselves, I’m sorry but whether someone harms themselves to the point of needing stitches or they “just” hit themselves - does it really fucking matter? Just because the person hitting doesn’t leave any scars or permanent physical reminders doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting (physically or emotionally) just as much as any other self harmer. I really fucking wish people ignorant to self harm would stop making stupid comments

sometimes idk why I even bother, you’re the adult so fucking act like it

idk, sometimes I swear guys just pay attention to me because they think that because I’m fat I’m going to have low self esteem and because I have low self esteem they think that if they call me all the usual bullshit like “beautiful”, “cute” and “irresistible” then I’ll be putty in their hands and send them photos but as soon as they realise I don’t send photos they disappear out of my life so damn quickly, ffs fuck off wankers

I hate how everyone in my family treats me as some sort of bin as if I can eat a never ending amount of food just because I’m fat, no I don’t want to eat your left over food that you’re too full to eat and no I don’t want to have extra food with my tea so it doesn’t go to waste

if one more person tells me that once I get my car I can drive them around I will go insane, I’m not getting a car to be everyone elses personal fucking taxi

you make me so angry, you act all innocent and worried that your girlfriend has to have a head scan because she always has a migraine when actually if you hadn’t pushed her and smashed her head into a wall during an argument she wouldn’t have all the headaches in the first place, you asshole

It frustrates me so much when I see people take the piss out of my auntie, yes she was born a male and is now going through the stages of a sex change but that doesn’t make her any less of a human does it? So why do you all find it acceptable to take photos of her and post it on social networking sites calling her “it”? She’s not an “it”, she’s a human who has feelings and can’t help the fact she was born in the wrong body, she didn’t choose to feel the way she feels so why should she get punished for it? She’s the bravest woman I know, she had a cancer scare and realised life is too short to live in the wrong body, so instead of judging something you don’t understand, smile instead of laughing at her when she walks past, talk to her instead of taking photos. Stop treating her like less of a human just because she’s finally taking a step in her life to make her genuinely happy, she’s the happiest I’ve ever seen her now and as long as she’s happy I’m happy.

"People who post emo/depresing shit on Tumblr need to realise that nobody in the entire world cares about their fake problems."

well aren’t you a judgmental dick to think that everyone is faking their problems, just because you aren’t experiencing it doesn’t make it fake

I hate the fact that 90% of society has already prejudged self harmers before finding out any background information about someone as an individual. Yes, we all inflict (or inflicted) some type of injury on ourselves on purpose but that does not make us all the same, every single one of us have different reasons as to why we chose to go down that path. People forget that not everyone comes out of self harm being able to say “I survived” so when you see someone with self harm scars, don’t judge them or think of them as lower than you, they survived and they have the scars to prove it. For all you know, self harm could have saved their lives. 

Genuinely just opened a photo on Twitter and it was a photo of someones poo in the toilet. You know something is seriously wrong with people in this world when they feel they need to take a photo of their shit and upload it onto a social networking site. Is it so terrible to just flush the toilet after, like every normal human does? Twitter asking “What’s happening?” doesn’t mean you have to literally show everything.

My mum has just threatened to tell my dad about my self harm scars if I don’t because she’s fed up of me living in long sleeves and flinching every time I hear the house door open incase its him. I’m so fucking pissed off, whether she’s being serious or not, I don’t want him to know, I don’t want him to see what a failure I am. I don’t want to be forced into telling him, or anyone. I could cry, ugh. I’m not being forced into doing anything, if she tells him I will hate her and never trust her with anything ever again. Ahjsdhjka. If I only I did it “right” then I wouldn’t have to live with the consequences, fuck sake.

Just seen someone on my Twitter timeline tweet “cutting yourself and putting pictures of it on Tumblr, you’re cool” which got 6 retweets and 2 favourites, ignorant people really piss me the fuck off. It’s not about trying to be cool, Tumblr is a place where people, self harmers in particular, come to open up and talk to people who understand what they’re going through because they can’t do it with anyone, or very limited people, who know them in person. If people wish to post photos of their cuts, burns, scars, etc. online, on their own blog, then that’s what they decide to do, as long as they’re not “glamorizing” it in any way then what is the problem? Because, coming from someone who has posted photos of my own cuts and scars, I see no problem in that as long as their intentions are good. I wish people got to know situations before judging them.

ugh fuck off with all the cute couple gifs and photos already. yeah I get the odd one or two, but that’s about 15+ in a row now, piss offfff

I hate two faced people, stop saying one thing to someone and then making a bitchy Facebook status saying the complete opposite

love how my dad asks my mum about me on the phone, she replies “yeah, she’s had a good day off apart from the weather” ..sorry but do I not have a mouth or mind of my own? why are you just saying what you think I feel because you never asked me how my day was so how are you supposed to know that I’ve had a good day off or not? as far as you know I could have been crying my eyes out and self harming all day (I haven’t, but that’s not the point), but no. you carry on pretending like you know everything about me because that’s what you always do -_-