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Can you pleasepleaseplease explain the ending to me? I read it a few months ago and not understanding the ending is driving me nuts

I hate how everyone in my family treats me as some sort of bin as if I can eat a never ending amount of food just because I’m fat, no I don’t want to eat your left over food that you’re too full to eat and no I don’t want to have extra food with my tea so it doesn’t go to waste

if one more person tells me that once I get my car I can drive them around I will go insane, I’m not getting a car to be everyone elses personal fucking taxi

why do all the best people live so far away

It frustrates me so much when I see people take the piss out of my auntie, yes she was born a male and is now going through the stages of a sex change but that doesn’t make her any less of a human does it? So why do you all find it acceptable to take photos of her and post it on social networking sites calling her “it”? She’s not an “it”, she’s a human who has feelings and can’t help the fact she was born in the wrong body, she didn’t choose to feel the way she feels so why should she get punished for it? She’s the bravest woman I know, she had a cancer scare and realised life is too short to live in the wrong body, so instead of judging something you don’t understand, smile instead of laughing at her when she walks past, talk to her instead of taking photos. Stop treating her like less of a human just because she’s finally taking a step in her life to make her genuinely happy, she’s the happiest I’ve ever seen her now and as long as she’s happy I’m happy.

"People who post emo/depresing shit on Tumblr need to realise that nobody in the entire world cares about their fake problems."

well aren’t you a judgmental dick to think that everyone is faking their problems, just because you aren’t experiencing it doesn’t make it fake

whenever I don’t blog for a day or something I gain a follower(s) but then when I start posting again I loose followers, stop following me for a follow back just to unfollow me again, penises. 

And yet another anon telling a beautiful person to go and kill themselves, what is it with people these days?

Just seen someone on my Twitter timeline tweet “cutting yourself and putting pictures of it on Tumblr, you’re cool” which got 6 retweets and 2 favourites, ignorant people really piss me the fuck off. It’s not about trying to be cool, Tumblr is a place where people, self harmers in particular, come to open up and talk to people who understand what they’re going through because they can’t do it with anyone, or very limited people, who know them in person. If people wish to post photos of their cuts, burns, scars, etc. online, on their own blog, then that’s what they decide to do, as long as they’re not “glamorizing” it in any way then what is the problem? Because, coming from someone who has posted photos of my own cuts and scars, I see no problem in that as long as their intentions are good. I wish people got to know situations before judging them.

Tumblr, y u no let me unfollow deleted blogs?

ugh laptop y u so slow

just once I want to feel like people actually want to talk to me, I’m fed up of always being the one who has to talk first otherwise there won’t be a conversation, I hate feeling like I annoy everyone by being the first to talk all the time, by being the only one who actually attempts to keep the conversation going, surely if they wanted to talk to me why wouldn’t they make an effort once in a while too? a conversation works both ways, I’m sick of people expecting me to make 80% effort while they only make 20%. one day I won’t make an effort either, then where will we be?

I have such an annoying habit of using one earphone then swinging the other one in circles by my head, and every single time I always hit myself in the eye and it still scares the life out of me