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It frustrates me so much when I see people take the piss out of my auntie, yes she was born a male and is now going through the stages of a sex change but that doesn’t make her any less of a human does it? So why do you all find it acceptable to take photos of her and post it on social networking sites calling her “it”? She’s not an “it”, she’s a human who has feelings and can’t help the fact she was born in the wrong body, she didn’t choose to feel the way she feels so why should she get punished for it? She’s the bravest woman I know, she had a cancer scare and realised life is too short to live in the wrong body, so instead of judging something you don’t understand, smile instead of laughing at her when she walks past, talk to her instead of taking photos. Stop treating her like less of a human just because she’s finally taking a step in her life to make her genuinely happy, she’s the happiest I’ve ever seen her now and as long as she’s happy I’m happy.

I hate two faced people, stop saying one thing to someone and then making a bitchy Facebook status saying the complete opposite

Fuck off with the fucking game requests on Facebook you fucking wsbhasdjskfnrefre

You could write a massive cry for help over Facebook and 9 times out of 10 you won’t get anyone giving a shit, but on Tumblr you get messages out of the blue from people you’ve never spoken to telling you you’re beautiful and offering a pair of ears to listen if you ever need to vent. This is why I love Tumblr so much.
These two comments I came across on Facebook pissed me off so badly you have no idea.

I see someone stereotyping every self harmer out there as an “attention seeker”, someone who doesn’t deserve to live because they’re too wrapped up in their own “problems” that they don’t spare a thought for people who have it worse off than them and I think “they have no fucking idea”.

This is where I would start a sentence off saying “sorry” but I’m not even going to say that because I’m not sorry for saying this, has any of you who think this ever taken a moment to think that not every self harmer is an attention seeker? Self harm is often brought on by a mental illness of some sort, whether it’s depression, anorexia, anxiety, etc. and if you think about it, if someone wants attention so badly that they feel the need to harm themselves to get this then there is going to be an issue deeper than “attention seeker”.

And as for saying a self harmer doesn’t deserve to live, someone who self harms has a right to live just like every other person on this planet, just because they inflict this harm on themselves doesn’t make them any less of a person does it? No. They’re still human, they still have feelings, they still need help. Whether it’s giving them the attention they crave so badly or giving them the help they desperately need to get out of this rut. Everyone judges before they know someones real story, you see scars and instantly think you know everything there is to know, that they’re just some silly little emo who was stupid enough to hurt themselves instead of talking to someone, but you don’t know anything about them. Every self harmer has a different story as to why they’ve done it to themselves, how could you possibly think you have the right to make themselves feel worse? After going through self harm myself, I wouldn’t want anyone to go through it too and this isn’t what this is about, but self harm is a way of expressing yourself when there are no words that can explain how you’re feeling, it’s an escapism, it helps you feel alive for that little bit longer.

What happens if you have children in the future who turn to self harm, are you going to turn around and tell them they have no right to live because they’re too “selfish”, drag them to a “loony bin” and tell them they only think about themselves? Because if that’s what you’ll do then you should become a nun because you don’t deserve the gift of a child, but if you’d help them then what gives you the right to be a hypocrite for judging everyone else in this way? 

I know I’ve written a lot, and the chances are people will see the amount written and won’t even read this but there are no words that can explain how much frustration runs through my body when I see people say things thinking they know everything when really they know nothing. 

Learn the facts before you go opening your mouth about something you know nothing about, you might just be the person who pushes someone over the edge. How would you like that on your conscience? 

haven’t accepted any game requests on Facebook for about 5 months now, why are people still asking me? -_-
When I see people make Facebook accounts for their pets and add them as a friend..